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Villa Anna

Villa Anna was build in 1901 by pharmacist Frans van der Grinten.

Pharmacist van der Grinten was a very successful businessman and inventor. Around 1901 he invented the butter colouring, he sold this to van den Bergh en Jurgens, the successor of Unilever. They used the butter colouring to colour the margarine. For decades van den Bergh tried to copy the butter colouring, without any success. Eventually Océ van der Grinten sold the recipe for the butter colouring to van den Bergh en Jurgens and decided to focus mainly on copying machines.

Villa Anna was rebuild in 1914. The van der Grintens’ were very successful.

They had 8 staff members to run the household, of which 3 maidservants for day and night. Louis van der Grinten, the oldest son of Frans van der Grinten, moved into the villa after the death of Frans. Louis rebuild/refurbished the villa several times. The factory was situated behind the villa. Louise decided to rebuild the ground floor of the villa into office space due to the rising revenue. Louis and Euganie (Louis’ wife) moved to the first and second floor. Euganie kept an close eye on everyone and everything in the Villapark from the spacious balcony at the front side of the villa. When children were playing football or hockey in the park she called the police to stop this misbehaviour.

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After Louis died the villa was being used a an trainingssite for engineers.

Océ van der Grinten already moved their factory to Venlo North. The trainingssite of Océ van der Grinten was expanding and expanding, eventually it was getting to massive to be situated in Villa Anna. Océ van der Grinten decided to move the trainingssite 200 meters north of Villa Anna to the dr. Bloemenkampstraat. The villa was for sale for over a year when Pierre en John Heuvelings decided to buy it in 1989. Pierre en John Heuvelings decided to move their insurance company, Ashy Aben Group, into Villa Anna. Five years later their insurance company was growing too fast so they had to leave the Villa, in that year John bought Villa Anna and rebuild it into a residential home, he has been living there even since.


In 2018, John decided to convert the villa into a bed & breakfast, to let his guests enjoy this beautiful historical villa, the big garden and beautiful park!